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Truth is, big companies produce skincare products that are largely ineffective and made with large amounts of emulsifiers, parabens, fragrances, and other harmful ingredients. Take emulsifiers: these surface active molecules (surfactants) have the useful ability to bind oil and water. And for mass-produced products, emulsifiers are the key to stabilization – extending the shelf-life. The problem is, emulsifiers aren’t so selective and also bind to the natural oils in the skin. What does this mean for you? Well, when you wash your face, your skin’s natural oils wash away along with the product itself. This ‘Wash-Out Effect’ leaves your skin damaged, dehydrated, and defenseless against outside elements.

So, this got us thinking...there must be a better way. [Spoiler: there is.]

After many years of research, Olga Goldberger identified a superior alternative to emulsifiers: naturally derived phospholipids. Not only do phospholipids function to bind oil and water just like emulsifiers, but they are even better agents of skin restoration and hydration. During production, these phospholipids form liposomes, which serve as an advanced delivery system for active ingredients. Using our cutting-edge technology, we encase and protect ingredients within liposomes, ensuring they remain highly active until they reach deep into your skin cells. In this way, even a small amount of product is far more effective in uncovering your most beautiful skin.

Better yet, our products have a compounding effect over time. So, look no further – consider us your skincare partner for the long-haul.

Their primary function is to help maintain hydration and a strong barrier against outside irritants. But, ceramide levels decline as we age as well. That’s why we include ceramides in many of IOKA’s skincare products - to help replenish and maintain your natural supply over time.

Altogether, these powerful molecules boost cellular function to improve your skin’s strength and resilience, repair damage, hydrate and diminish signs of aging. Combining advanced technology with high-quality natural ingredients and nourishing ceramides, our skincare will improve your skin’s barrier function for noticeably healthier, hydrated, and radiant skin. Suitable for all skin types at every phase of life, IOKA Skin+Science provides the means for you to be your own best dermatologist.

Olga Goldberger has been working in science labs since her father – a prominent virologist – first brought her to work at the age of 17. With a Masters Degree in Molecular Biology, Olga has since amassed over 35 years of research experience at Brown University, Children’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital (part of Harvard Medical School), where she continues to work today.

Growing up in the former Soviet Union, Olga vividly remembers her aunts and grandmother putting raw food products on their faces regularly – everything from cucumbers, to honey, to farmer’s cheese. While funny back then, the practice spoke to a skincare philosophy that stands the test of time: feeding the skin with fresh, high-quality, and natural ingredients. Later, when Olga grew up and arrived in the US as a refugee in 1984, she quickly realized how different skincare products were in her new home. Olga’s sensitive skin reacted poorly to products widely available in the market, leaving it dry and irritated and causing rosacea. It took years of research for Olga to finally pinpoint emulsifiers – chemically or naturally derived – as the source of her skincare issues. Worse yet, it was nearly impossible to find a product that performed and protected her skin adequately. So she set out to create superior products herself – and thus IOKA was born.

With IOKA Skin+Science, Olga strived to create a skincare system that applied cutting-edge science to pure, active botanical ingredients that would penetrate the skin, stimulate cells’ innate ability to repair and renew, and reveal a healthy, glowing you. Olga aims to provide the means for you to embrace your skin at every phase of life and experience the deep sense of empowerment that comes with looking and feeling your best.

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